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Google's New Real-time Translating Headphones Will Help You Understand 40 Languages Instantly

October 6, 2017

Published on Oct 6, 2017

Courtesy of Google
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Google has always been helpful for travelers, giving us the ability to search cheap flights, find the best restaurants in a new city, and map our journeys. But now the tech giant is upping the ante by introducing its latest, and possibly greatest, invention for travelers: instant translation headphones.

On Wednesday, Google unveiled its Pixel Buds, which look just like small, simple headphones anyone can pop into their ears. Except they are way, way more powerful.

At the demo, two Google employees explained that the wearer can listen to up to 40 different languages and the words will be instantly translated into the headphones. Then, when they answer, the person they are speaking to will hear their translation via the headphone’s front-facing speakers.


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