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Head Case Luggage Covers are a Horrifying but Practical Way to Keep Track of Your Baggage

September 7, 2017

Published on Sep 7, 2017

You thought that black suitcase was yours, but it’s only after heaving it from the baggage carousel in a mad dash do you discover, alas, it’s belongs to someone else. Luggage tags can be pesky and those colorful ribbons slip off all too easily, but Head Case Suitcases by British retailer Firebox, offers a solution that is both useful and hilarious. These double polyester spandex covers slide over your suitcase and display a huge photo of your face. Sport your best selfie, or intimate potential luggage-snatchers with a mean-mug. Whatever photo you choose to plaster across your bag, we are pretty sure you won’t have to worry about a suitcase mix-up.; from US$26 for a small cover.



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