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The National Museum of Western Art listed as the World Cultural Heritage

July 28, 2016

Published on Jul 28, 2016


The National Museum of Western Art became the first World Cultural Heritage in TOKYO. It is listed as one of the Architectural Works of Le Corbusier for its outstanding contribution to the Modern Movement.

The National Museum of Western Art
The National Museum of Western Art

Corbusier's radical and ground-breaking approaches; such as Pilotis, free designing of ground plan and façade, were somewhat relatable to Japanese, possibly in its familiarity with Japanese traditional housings. That maybe why three Japanese disciples of his were able to digest his philosophy behind the architectural design, and lead the new era of Japanese architecture.

Although the Museum is the only work of Le Corbusier in Japan, his creativity has long been passed down and spread in various fields of designing.

Source: Tokyo Arts & Culture News


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