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Kuaidi Taxi Announces “Lucky Free Ride"

November 11, 2014

Published on Nov 11, 2014

Kuaidi Taxi Announces "Lucky Free Ride" for Users New Rider Incentive: HK$5 Million Cash Coupon Giveaway

Good news, people! The Alibaba-backed, the Greater China's most popular taxi-hailing smartphone app Kuaidi Taxi expands to Hong Kong market, and received tremendous success from the series of promotional campaign "Kuaidi TaxiFair" since September. Kuaidi Taxi announces today a whole new campaign, "Lucky Free Ride". Start from 10 November, five private cars will drive around the city and offer free rides for lucky Kuaidi Taxi app users. The cars are painted into cute frogs which is a word play of "free lunch" in Cantonese. The campaign aims to cheer up Hong Kong people with little surprises. Moreover, Kuaidi's customer loyalty program is offering new incentive-- PARKnSHOP and Wellcome supermarket cash coupons (HK$50 or HK$100) giveaway valued over HK$5 million. Book now and earn the free money!

Kuaidi Taxi

Starting from 10 November and will last for a couple of weeks, Kuaidi Taxi will send 5 private cars with cute frogs paints to offer free rides to lucky app users. App users who book taxis with Kuaidi Taxi will have a chance to win the lucky free ride and receive surprise gifts in cars. These adorable and energetic frogs are a word play of "free lunch" and "good deal" in Cantonese. Kuaidi wish they'll help cheer up passengers and pedestrians.

Separately, Kuaidi Taxi's loyalty program is offering a new crazy incentive: HK$5 million cash coupons giveaway! Kuaidi Taxi app users can now earn PARKnSHOP and Wellcome supermarket cash coupons (HK$50 & HK$100) by accumulating 100-200 points for every car they book (depends on the level they earn in the app) , no matter for long or short distance. For every 1000 points, users can exchange for HK$50 supermarket cash coupon; for every 1800 points, they could exchange for HK$100 cash coupon. A real good deal for every passenger.

"Hong Kong is in an important era," said Mr. Shukei Ng, Head of Kuaidi Taxi Hong Kong office and City Manager. "As an innovative technology aims to improve people's life by intelligent transport, Kuaidi Taxi wishes our free ride campaign and cash coupon giveaway can cheer up Hong Kong people— every dark cloud has a silver lining."

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