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Building airports in the Cloud

June 3, 2014

Published on Jun 2, 2014

By John Jarrell, Head of Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group

Looking at the future of travel has me thinking back to my years as a pilot.

When I was in that plane, it was me at the controls as I soared into the Travel Daily Asiasky. Even if it wasn't quite like "Top Gun", the rush I felt was hard to beat. But I never let myself forget that no mission could be successful without the entire team being connected and working with a shared purpose.

Airlines, airports and travel companies have become better at sharing information and being connected, but now it's time to soar into the future by putting our systems into the Cloud.

Common Use platforms, on which all passenger processing can take place, have been part of our industry for 30 years but haven’t quite kept up with the times. That has left us with different systems in different places and bulky hardware that takes up precious space at airports.

Keeping the on-site hardware running and up-to-date takes time, people and money, eating into already slim margins in today’s hyper-competitive environment.

Cloud computing offers us a solution

Many critical industries such as banks, stock exchanges and even airlines have already embraced the benefits of using remote servers to store and manage data. For airports, moving to the Cloud will mean cutting away the infrastructure burden so they can focus on what really matters – customer service and innovation.

The result will be a smoother and truly unified system that transforms the travel experience for passengers.

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