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Skyscanner reveals Top 10 most unwanted holiday gifts


Published on Oct 29, 2013

It’s not easy buying gifts for friends back home when you’re on holiday, combing through bazaars crammed with crap, searching high and low in markets teeming with gullible tourists, where vendors in search of easy pickings inflate all the prices. 

But it’s also not easy to grin and bear receiving another tacky T-shirt with a local beer logo, or a gaudy fan.

Within days of coming back from a holiday, the souvenirs brought back for friends and family are likely to be thrown in the rubbish bin, according to the latest survey by leading travel search site Skyscanner.
Buying a gift for those back home may seem a nice gesture while away, but holidaymakers would be better to save their money as more than 65% of people admit that they really don’t appreciate those holiday souvenirs and 34% have to find ways to get rid of them. Either they throw them in the garbage, give them to charity, or pass them on to someone else.
In a survey of 1,000 people by Skyscanner, whose website comes in 30 languages and receives 25 million unique visitors per month, key rings (17%) topped the list of the most disappointing gifts to receive, with fake DVDs (12%) and fridge-magnets (10%) following closely behind.

Food items (7%), though something of a souvenir standard, also tasted bitter to many. Cheap jewellery (5%) did not fare much better. And airline- branded items, which are the ultimate last-minute, ultra-tacky purchase, are down in the doldrums of popularity. 
The survey showed that only 8% of people find their gifted souvenirs any use. Around 10% of holiday gifts are donated to charity, while another 10% are passed to someone else. Some 2% of people have gone to the lengths of ‘accidentally’ breaking their present so that they don’t have to keep it and a small minority has refused a gift point-blank.
Grace Pobprapha Areerat, Skyscanner’s Country Marketing Manager for Thailand, said, “Many Thai people who travel overseas think about bringing souvenirs home to family, friends and work colleagues.  But surprisingly, our survey shows that many people admitted that they have received unwanted gifts from their family and close friends, despite being the people who know them best.”
Elaborating on this point, she said, “Yet these unwanted holiday presents don’t come cheap. Next time we buy something for people at home please think more carefully about what to buy.”

We suspect that she’s not talking about buying a plastic Buddha or a wooden frog with a stick to make croaking noises. 

Top 10 Most Unwanted Holiday Gifts:

1.       Key-ring
2.       Fake DVD
3.       Magnet
4.       Food item                         
5.       Cheap jewellery             
6.       Airline branded toy       
7.       Comedy t-shirt                
8.       Local drink
9.       Doll
10.     Snow globe


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