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Europeans Get More Vacation Time Than Asians


Published on Nov 20, 2012

Japanese and Korean workers found to take far fewer days off than their European counterparts...

Workers in Asia take the fewest holidays, according to a new study. In its ‘2012 Vacation Deprivation Survey’, Expedia found that Asians are the most holiday deprived workers in the world, with employees taking the fewest days off and working the longest weeks. Japanese and Koreans workers trail the field. The average Japanese worker was found to take only five out of the 13 days off granted each year, followed by South Koreans who take seven out of a possible 10. Asian employees also work the longest weeks with Korean, Singaporean and Taiwanese workers clocking in an average of 44 hours per week. The study also showed that 50% of respondents in Asia were unsure if their bosses supported them taking time off , with 59% of Koreans and 54% of Taiwanese citing their managers as an obstacle to taking a holiday. More than a third of Singaporeans said the same. At 24%, employees in India believe their bosses are most supportive of their holiday plans. “Given the increasing pressures of working long hours in Asia, employees ought to fully use their well-earned vacation days to recharge and re-energise,” said Dan Lynn, CEO of AirAsiaExpedia. "We hope that travellers will be encouraged to take a well-earned break and connect with the world outside of the workplace instead of letting those vacation days quietly expire." Europe was found to be the most holiday-friendly region, with most European workers having between 25 and 30 days off each year, in addition to state and religious holidays. Workers in France and Spain reported taking the full 30 vacation days off , as do their counterparts in Brazil. The Dutch work 35 hours a week, the fewest among the 22 nations surveyed.

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