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Singapore Airlines adjusts flight schedule for winter season


Published on Nov 16, 2012

Singapore Airlines will be altering their flight schedules slightly to adjust to customer demands. In order to keep up with influx of holiday traffic, the upscale airline will be increasing the number of flights to many destinations. For instance, in light of Australia's continuing popularity as a destination, daily flights to Perth will increase from three to four. Capacity to Melbourne will also increase, thanks to the use of the Airbus A380 for two out of the three daily flights. Flights to India will also increase, with 21 heading to Mumbai per week instead of 19. In addition, two A380s will fly to Tokyo daily, and a daily flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco will be served by the A380 from December 28 to March 24. Finally, flights to London will increase from three to four per day.

Naturally, some routes will be decreased in order to balance the additions. Flights to Abu Dhabi and Athens are suspended as of late October, and flights to Milan, Barcelona and Istanbul will be reduced.

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