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Most Asians want mobile phones on planes


Published on Nov 9, 2012

The majority of Asian travelers want to be able to use their mobile phone in-flight, according to a new poll. The survey by travel search site Skyscanner found that 51% of air travelers in the Asia Pacific region would like to be able to use their mobiles while flying. This is in stark contrast to a similar survey in the UK, which found that 86% of British travelers were opposed to in-flight mobile use. Interestingly in Asia Pacific, respondents from ‘Western’ nations (Australia and New Zealand) were also largely against the idea, with only 25% and 28% of people in each country respectively wanting in-flight mobile use. This climbed significantly however, in India (63%) and Indonesia (59%). The Skyscanner survey follows the roll-out of in-fl ight mobile services by Emirates. “The move by Emirates is a bold one and is something that travelers will no doubt find a talking point over the coming months," said Ira Noviani, Skyscanner's Market Manager for Indonesia. "While many Asian air travellers applauded this move, passengers who do decide to make calls onboard may be advised to do so discretely, as the results of our survey show that many are likely to be annoyed by people chatting loudly next to them.” Overall, 51% of Asian respondents said they wanted in-flight mobile coverage, 19% said they didn't, and 30% said they would be annoyed if a fellow passenger started using his or her mobile.

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