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Just 10% of people work on planes


Published on Jul 26, 2012

New study reveals that most fliers prefer to relax, with reading the most popular activity...

Air passengers are far more likely to relax and unwind while in-flight, rather than working, according to a new study. The survey conducted by GO Airport Express, a Chicago-based ground transport provider, found that just 10% of people work while onboard an aircraft. And despite the introduction of portable tablets and on-demand in-flight entertainment systems, respondents revealed that reading a book is still the most popular in-flight activity (32%), following by taking a nap (14%). A surprisingly low 7% said they watch in-flight movies, while just 2% play computer games. “These results indicate people prefer to use their travel time to relax and pursue leisure activities versus catching up on work,” said John McCarthy, President of GO Airport Express. “However, this may change as more airlines offer low-cost or free in-fl ight Wi-Fi.” The Go Airport Express poll also found that just 2% of fl iers try to engage fellow passengers in conversation. This underscores recent research from TripAdvisor which said that more than 75% of people had no interest in socialising with their fellow passengers, while 40% said they’d pay extra for special ‘quiet zones’ in planes. A recent Skyscanner poll also found that 60% of fliers prefer the window seat, rather than the more social aisle option. Two percent of those polled in the latest survey said they do nothing at all, while 19% stated they do a combination of activities.

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