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Japan remains a top destination for global travelers


Published on Jan 30, 2012

Japan remains one of the world’s most desirable travel destinations with 16% of global travelers saying it is a likely destination within the next two years. The Visa Global Travel Intentions Survey 2011, which interviewed 11,620 travellers from 23 countries and territories around the world, reveals Japan is still key destination for travellers across the Asia Pacific and particularly among Chinese and South Korean travelers who constitute Japan’s primary source of visitor arrivals. Ross Jackson, Head of Cross-Border Business, Asia Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa for Visa, said; “The survey, very encouragingly, found that Chinese and South Korean respondents still rank Japan among their top destinations. More than one in three (34%) respondents from Mainland China and one in four (24%) respondents from South Korea said they are likely to travel to Japan in the next two years. This is in line with Pacifi c Asia Travel Association (PATA) Destination Trends that international arrivals to Japan have picked up slightly post-tsunami.

Our survey findings present great news hinting at a strong recovery and boost for the afflicted Japanese economy.” Looking at the much hyped outbound markets in China and India, 33% of Chinese are likely to go to Australia within the next travel to Japan. In India, Singapore has emerged as the most popular destination, nominated by 33% of travelers. Among other outbound markets in the region, the US and Europe are popular places to visit, but there is a strong tendency towards intra-regional travel. A total of 18% of Japanese travelers will visit South Korea, and 23% of Malaysians will go to Hong Kong or Taiwan. Respondents in Hong Kong nominated Japan, Taiwan and China, while Taiwanese travelers are most likely to go to Japan, China or Hong Kong. Singaporeans will travel to Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong, while Thais show strong preference for Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Analysis of the decision making process found that availability of good deals (70%), natural scenery (69%), political stability and good weather (both 66%), and new destinations (65%) as top factors which infl uence travellers’ choice of destinations. On average, respondents are planning to make four international trips in the next two years, with 11% more respondents intending to travel in the next two years, compared with the last two years. Most travelers indicated they intend to spend an average of 10 nights on their next vacation.

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