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Aus carriers reject pay-by-kilo ticketing


Published on Jan 16, 2012

Australian airlines are resisting calls to charge people according to their body weight. Factions within the aviation industry say that airlines should levy fees on overweight passengers because of the additional fuel burned in transporting them. Tony Webber, who worked as an economist for Qantas for seven years, said that overweight passengers were pushing up airlines’ fuel bills. Writing in an Australian newspaper Webber said; "The rationale is simple… If the passengers on the aircraft weigh more, the aircraft consumes more fuel and the airline's costs go up.” He cites examples including Virgin Atlantic and some US airlines that require obese passengers to pay for a second seat, and rural airlines in Indonesia which weigh passengers together with their baggage. The concept is beginning to catch on in Europe as well and there have even been cases in the US where corpulent passengers have been bumped from flights because there is insuffi cient room to accommodate them.

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