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Entire city told to brace


Published on Oct 27, 2011

FROC chief says every area of Bangkok will flood; If three key barriers hold up, damage to capital could be limited : PM

"Floods will hit every area of Bangkok but each area will see different levels of water," director of the Flood Relief Operations Centre (FROC) Pol General Pracha Promnok said yesterday.

Pracha, who is also the justice minister, urged Bangkok residents to adjust to the situation and accept what was going to happen.
He said about 400 million cubic metres of flood water are now in an area north of Bangkok and poised to flow in.

"Bangkok's water-drainage capacity is just 30 million cubic metres a day," he pointed out.

An informed source at the BMA said the flood-water level would range between 30 centimetres and 1.5 metres across 50 districts of Bangkok.

Flooding will last for a month: BMA source "The inundation will last for about one month," it added.

The information was almost identical with what Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra had said in her televised speech on Tuesday.

Yingluck said yesterday that concerned authorities would continue their efforts to protect inner Bangkok from flooding.

"We will maintain flood barriers at three key areas. If they remain well in place, not all areas of Bangkok will be affected," she said. When asked about the chances of these floodwalls crumbling, she said, it was "50 per cent".

Yingluck said all officials were doing their best and the private sector had also joined in.

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