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Terrorism not major cause of concern


Published on Sep 15, 2011

Terrorism is only the fourth most worrying aspect of air travel, affecting just 23.7% of flyers. This is just one of the major findings of the ‘2011 Travel Daily Aviation Safety Survey’, which polled the global travel trade about their views on aviation safety. It is encouraging that, in the month of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, professionals within the travel industry are largely unconcerned by terrorist threats. When asked which factors make them feel unsafe when travelling by air, the majority 54.2% cited technical safety, followed by 42.4% who were concerned by turbulence or adverse weather conditions. A further 33.9% are worried by pilot/crew proficiency, and just 23.7% by terrorism.

These findings perhaps show how the tightening of airport security measures since 9/11 has helped to reassure flyers. When asked their opinion of current airport security measures, exactly half said they believed them to be ‘about right’. More than a third however, still believes that airport security is ‘too stringent’ (28.3%) or ‘much too stringent’ (8.3%). Only 13.3% thought that security at airports is ‘too lax’.

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