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9 Fashionable Spots to Stop in Beijing

May 28, 2014

As the founding editor of Vogue China, Angelica Cheung is a trendsetter for the world's biggest market. Gabrielle Jaffe asks the doyenne of Chinese fashion for her tips on how to make the very most of the nation's capital.

Published on May 28, 2014


"They serve delicious traditional soup dumplings (my favorite is pork with a pinch of crab roe) with other Shanghainese delicacies at [1] Ding Tai Fung. This oldie but goodie is sometimes sneered at as being westernized Chinese food, but the cooking is still so good that locals continue to flock here regardless. As an added impetus, we once even spotted Christian Bale in one of the Beijing locations." + "I also like to go to [2] Made in China, in the Grand Hyatt, which is known for its Peking duck."


"When visiting friends ask, I recommend the [3] Opposite House for its modern minimalist design." + "Those who consider impeccable service the priority should head to [4] The Peninsula, where the staff is always attentive."

Opposite House
Outside the Opposite House


"I like to visit [5] BNC [+86 10 6416 9045] in Sanlitun North for its fashion by Chinese designers and crafts from Chinese artists, as well as [6] Dong Liang Studio [Unit 102, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Building 2, Central Park, Chaoyang Dist.; +86 10 8404 7648], another boutique specializing in Chinese designs." + "[7] Panjiayuan Antique Market [18 Huawei Li, Chaoyang Dist.; +86 10 6775 2405] is a great place to go for interesting and quirky bits and pieces."


"798 Art District has plenty of exciting galleries. Among the best is the [8] Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, where major exhibitions are staged. I really respect the Ullens couple behind it—they have done a lot to promote contemporary Chinese art." + "Beijing also boasts some fabulous parks. My favorite is the [9] Ritan Park, which is right in the middle of the city. It is full of retired people dancing and singing.

Bold lighting at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art


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Pecking Duck
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