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3 Ways to Spend a Family Vacation in Burma

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Published on Dec 7, 2016


Relax at the Beach

Sometimes when you have little ones in tow, the best way for everyone to actually enjoy a family vacation is do as little as possible. The allure of a seaside getaway is obvious: there are no buses to catch, no hurried streets to tire our tiny legs, and no logistical hassles. Instead, you and your family can focus on enjoying the beauty of nature and each other’s company—and isn’t that the point of a vacation? As far as palm-fringed shores go, Ngapali is just as lovely as they come. You can spend all day lounging on the white sands or set off on a leisurely sightseeing expedition. 

Embark on a History Lesson

Once an ancient capital city, Bagan on the Ayeyarwady River brims with spectacular sights. Although many of its 10,000 majestic temples have been destroyed over the years, more than 2,000 Buddhist ruins survive in the Bagan Archeological Area. This city was once an ancient place of learning and monks traveled from around the region to gather wisdom and exchange knowledge. It’s only fitting then that today’s generation discover something about Burma’s rich history here. The temples are the perfect place for kids to channel their inner Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, all while learning a thing or two in the process.

Ride a Hot Air Balloon

Even the most jaded teenager or fussy tot will be impressed by a soaring balloon ride over the glassy waters of Inle Lake. These gorgeous, multicolored vessels buoy visitors high into the sky over a region renowned around the world for its beauty. It’s the kind of moment that will leave memories that last a lifetime. Your whole family will talk about the experience for years to come. 



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