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4 Places in Burma You Can't Miss

[Sponsored Content] Flymya makes it easier than ever to explore both the country’s highlights and lesser-known gems.

Published on Apr 29, 2016

After years of relative isolation, Burma is booming and travelers are coming from all over the world to enjoy its pristine beaches, unspoiled islands and historic monuments. Flymya makes it easier than ever to explore both the country’s highlights and lesser-known gems. The boutique tour operator not only creates bespoke itineraries, but also helps visitors arrange domestic flights and car rentals. When planning your next trip, be sure to stop at these four destinations. 


Shwedagon Pagoda

The country’s capital may lie in Naypyidaw, but Burma’s cultural core resides in this vibrant city. In recent years, Rangoon has begun to transform at an alarming speed, as entrepreneurs, creatives and visionaries arrive in droves. Craft cocktail bars, international fine dining restaurants, and trendy boutique shops now line these increasingly cosmopolitan streets. The local arts scene has flourished in the wake of all this upheaval and dozens of galleries showcase top-tier exhibitions with works by Burmese artists. Although some might lament that Rangoon is changing, the city has always been something of a melting pot and its history has not been forgotten. Signs of the past are everywhere, from crumbling 19th-century British colonial mansions to ancient shrines and traditional markets. The most famous, and by far the most striking, remnant of another era is the majestic Shwedagon Pagoda, a towering, gilded wonder gleaming brightly in the tropical sun. 


Pagan Empire, Bagan

Once the heart of the mighty Pagan Empire, Bagan was a cultural, political and religious center for centuries. At the height of its power, more than 10,000 religious monuments were scattered throughout the city. Although earthquakes destroyed many of these man-made wonders, 2,229 remain. Early risers will be rewarded with stunning views of chedi spires emerging from the morning mist. 


White Temples, Mandalay 

Founded in 1857 as a royal capital, Burma’s second largest city is a must-see for history lovers. Sadly, the original palace of the last Burmese king and queen was mostly obliterated in World War II. Nevertheless, the replica that stands in its place next to the Ayeyarwaddy River offers visitors an approximation of its former grandeur and Mandalay’s numerous other attractions make it more than worth a trip. 

Inle Lake

Inle Lake Sunset 

Stylish boutique hotels have turned this picturesque body of water into one of Burma’s most sought-after destinations. Despite the many new arrivals, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is still rich with historic charm. The Intha people still fish the waters perched on one leg the same way they have for centuries. Cat aficionados will want to check out the small island at the center of the lake, which houses a large number of Burma's prized felines.





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