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8 Travel Apps for Your Apple Watch

The launch of the tech in April 2015 has hotels, airlines and travel sites clamoring to be among the first wave of compatible apps, meaning smoother sailing for globe trotters. By COLE PENNINGTON.

Published on Feb 9, 2016


The iPhone and iPad revolutionized the way we travel by allowing instant access to the services we need on the go. The Silicon Valley behemoth is taking the convenience of a handheld device in a wearable direction with the Apple Watch. Instead of constantly whipping out your phone, which is illegal at some immigration points, now your wrist is your command center. Book flights, hail cabs, find insider spots and get to the airport right on time with this glossy gadget. Did we mention it also tells time?

Apple Watch



1. Starwood Join the SPG keyless program and you'll never have to worry about losing your key or forgetting your room number again. In addition to keeping you updated on all the details of your stay, the Apple Watch also sends out alerts when your room is ready. You can even open the door simply by placing the watch near the lock.; free.

2. Marriott Using location services, the watch delivers pricing and exact locations of Marriott properties closest to wherever you may find yourself.; free.



3. Singapore Airlines Have you ever arrived so early at the airport that the check-in counters aren't even open? Or worse, only moments after the gates have closed? The Apple Watch app from Singapore Airlines tells you exactly when you can check in and even alerts you of gate changes so you can avoid having to ask other confused passengers, "Hey, is this the right gate?; free.

4. British Airlines This handy app turns the face of your Apple Watch into a countdown timer to departure. It also displays the summary of your flight and its status, along with useful tidbits like the weather at your destination. Use it to download your mobile boarding pass, check in and choose your seat. Bonus: You'll automatically be given the Wi-Fi passwords for British Airways lounges.; free.



5. TripAdvisor Walking aimlessly is great, but it's also easy to stroll right by that cool little hole-in-thewall café. The useful Tripadvisor app lets you know when you are approaching a point of interest, or, if you know where you want to go, it will guide you there with walking directions.; free.

6. Citymapper Deciphering public transport in foreign lands can prove baffling. With Citymapper, you've got an atlas to the bus or the train systems, and you'll never miss a stop because a gentle tap on the wrist reminds you when to alight from the vehicle. The app figures out the quickest way from point A to point B in a new city using only public transport and—the most reliable way of getting acquainted with a destination—walking.; free.



7. StopJetLag Discovering a new place can be a major drag if you're operating on a foreign sleep schedule. This app allows users to input their travel itinerary, and then creates a plan to start the sleep adjustment process during transit. StopJetLag will suggest the optimal time and levels for variables like meals, rest and even sun exposure so you get to your destination relaxed and refreshed.; free.

8. Day One When you're traveling somewhere new, it's all too easy to forget where you had that special meal, or where you took that stunning photo. Day One encourages users to record what they're doing through voice dictation and location check-in; it even creates a "rich timeline" using media like pictures and movie clips from the users' experiences so you never forget what a great time you had.; US$4.99.



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