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3 Apps for Adventure

October 8, 2014

From crowdsourcing holes-in-the-wall to guiding travelers to a truly unexpected destination, these apps ensure your next trip will be anything but the same old thing. By Diana Hubbell.

Published on Oct 8, 2014

1. Spottly

This hot newcomer from Hong Kong is a crowdsourced series of lively travel guides. With a few swift taps, you can access hundreds of picturebased guides created by users all over the globe, oriented around different cities and themes. The guides, which are reminiscent of a Pinterest account with extensive notes, are easy to maneuver, create and share. Free; iOS.

3 Apps for Adventure

2. Smith Hotels

The much-loved team behind Mr. & Mrs. Smith brings their bespoke expertise to an Apple device near you. Thanks to its slick presentation, this hotel-booking app stands out from its competition. The smart interface, loaded with gorgeous graphics, is a snap to use and the reviews of selected properties from Singapore to Sri Lanka are detailed, helpful and well-written. Smith Hotels lets you store hotel wishlists or browse boutiques by category. There's also 24/7 booking support available in Asia as well as a currency converter to keep pricing simple. Free; iOS.

3. NorthKoreaTravel

Planning a trip to Seoul's not-sofriendly neighbor? Unbelievable as it might seem, there actually is an app for you. Claiming to be "the most comprehensive guide to North Korea ever written"—not that there's a whole lot of competition—this just-launched app offers more than 350 photographed, geotagged attractions with descriptions, pricing and advice for traversing one of the world's least-known lands from the rare guides who have actually been there. US$0.99; iOS; Android.


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