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3 Healthy Hotel Restaurants

August 6, 2014

Bypass the buffet in favor of these new healthy dining options being offered at major hotels across the region. By Melanie Lee.

Published on Aug 6, 2014


It's tempting to pig out when you are on vacation, but a few hotels are rolling out super food menus to help combat the urge to splurge. The SuperFoodsRx dishes in the restaurants at the new Westin Singapore (+65 6922 6888; give diners the option of forgoing the usual buffet in favor of a long list of healthy food options packed with antioxidants. A key concept of this menu is "food synergy," the theory that the combinations of certain foods are even more nutritious than if they are eaten separately. Thus, at their signature restaurant, [1] Seasonal Tastes, the Bircher Muesli comes with cinnamon, because it works together with whole grains to control blood-sugar levels; and the organic fennel salad is topped with crushed walnuts, because combined they help you burn fat.

Westin Singapore
Food synergy at Westin Singapore.


Also catering to the food-conscious is InterContinental Hong Kong ( Their all-day café, [2] Harbourside (+852 2313 2323), has collaborated with Hong Kong Adventist Hospital dieticians to come up with an "iHealth" menu that uses ingredients that are known to prevent heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Expect nourishing dishes such as beetroot gnocchi.

InterContinental Hong Kong
Try the "iHealth" menu at Harbourside InterContinental.


Meanwhile, the [3] Sakti Dining Room in Bali's Fivelements (+62 361 469 260; healing and wellness resort offers epicurean vegan dishes such as home-baked eggplant, which is stuffed with five spice-marinated tofu and rambutan blossoms.

Fivelements Sakti Dining Room


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