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5 Places for a Digital Detox

June 10, 2014

Sometimes a vacation from your job isn't enough—you need a break from your gadgets too. By Merritt Gurley.

Published on Jun 10, 2014

The cold chill that runs down your spine when your phone dies may mean you are little too plugged in. Hotels are getting wise and rolling out new programs to help you break through your device dependency. There's nothing like spectacular scenery to help ease world-wide-web withdrawal, so to kick-start your digital detox (a phrase added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online just last year), here are a few worthy stops on a tech-free tour of Asia.

1. Kerala, India

Say bye-bye to Wi-Fi at Serenity Kanam Estate. There's no Internet at all, so you'll be forced to rely on archaic forms of entertainment—like conversation.

2. Beijing, China

Worried you won't be able to resist checking in on Facebook? Head to China where the access to the addictive social media site is banned entirely. At Mountain Yoga (+86 10 6259 6702) retreats, ye olde pursuits like calligraphy and musical workshops may distract you from all the memes you are missing, or at least inspire a few creative new status updates for once you're back home.

3. Hua Hin, Thailand

Get your WhatsApping out of your system before you arrive at Chiva-Som. This beachside retreat is designed to help you disconnect with a mobiledevice ban in public areas that extends to even e-readers, so better bring an actual... what are those things with papery pages called again?

Chiva Som
Back to basics at Chiva-Som where gadgets are banned in common areas.

4. Fethiye, Turkey

Getting the sweats from picturing a selfie-less sojourn? Time to go cold, ahem, turkey. Take to the seas with Olympos Yachting for an eight-day sail from Fethiye to Kekova and back.

5. Koh Totang, Cambodia

There is no electricity or running water at Nomads Land, the only guest house on Koh Totang island. The solar panels that power lights, and vats of rain water for showers add small comforts to a no-frills backto-nature experience.


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