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5 Fitness Smart Phone Apps


After a relaxing vacation that centered on good food and fine wine, there are consequences. It’s not only your luggage that has gained a few kilos on the journey home—you may have too. Here are a few smart phone apps to help you stay lean and healthy on your next trip.

Published on Feb 12, 2013


This free app creates custom fitness plans, logging daily calories consumed and burned. It has a database of over 400 trackable excercises and 350,000 different foods. Available on iTunes and Google Play;; free.


No pain, no gain. Here’s an app that make cents out of that saying, charging subscribers a fee for missing work outs and using that money to reward subscribers who meet their fitness goals. So if you skip a work out, your credit card will be fined a minimum of five US dollars (you set the amount) and if you complete an exercise session, you’ll be paid between US$0.50 to US$0.75 through Paypal. This app syncs with RunKeeper so you can keep racking up the dough while you jog on the beach. Available on iTunes;; the app is free but laziness could cost you.

You never know when you may hit health trouble and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. My Medical stores all of your important medical data on your iPhone or iPad, so you have the information you need
immediately on hand. Available on iTunes;; US$2.99.

Take photos of your lunch with your iPhone and Meal Snap will automatically register what you are eating and calculate the number of calories that are in the meal. It syncs this data with the DailyBurn app to monitor your progress towards your fitness goal. Available on iTunes;; US$0.99.

This free app has an optional heart-rate monitor you can buy to help track your exertion during runs, but if you carry your smart phone with you, you don’t need the additional gadget. RunKeeper will log the data from your runs, walks, bike rides and hikes using the GPS in your phone. You can set goals and the app will offer milestones and encouragement along the way as you inch towards your target. Available on iTunes and Google Play;; free.


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