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5 Apps to Make Your Beach Trip Even Better


there are so many things to keep track of, sometimes even a day at the beach isn’t relaxing. but there’s a growing pool of mobile apps designed to make lying around and doing nothing feel easy. BY MERRITT GURLEY

Published on Sep 24, 2012


Once you’ve cautiously tanned your way to an impressive sun-kissed hue, you can use TanMeter ( to show it off. This app uses pictures of your tan line contrast to rate your tan on a scale of one to 10. You can compare your glow to your buddies’ to see whose shade makes the grade.


Not sure which swimsuit will give you the most flattering tan lines? You can try a variety with Simply Beach ( This app offers a range of swimwear you can have delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.


A little Vitamin D does the body good, but too much time in the sun is down right dangerous. iTanSmart ( uses satellite data to offer guidance on the level of SPF you should use based on your location and skin type. It sounds an alert when you should rotate, reapply sunscreen or seek shade, so you leave the beach tanned instead of toasted.


A day at the beach can be draining. Water Your Body ( helps you monitor your daily water consumption, set goals based on your level of activity and environment and reminds you when to rehydrate.


If you aren’t sure where to park your beach towel, Magicseaweed ( may have the answers you need. This app features surf, wind, swell, temperature and pressure forecasts for over 2,500 beaches across the globe, to help you prepare for the motion of the ocean.


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