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Jonathan Pozniak / Kerala / India

Photographer Jonathan Pozniak captured the clouds rolling in over the world's highest tea plantation, a lush expanse on the slope of Kolukkumalai in Kerala located 2,170 meters above sea level.

Published on Jan 11, 2018


Kerala / India

On the downward slope from Kolukkumalai, at 2,170 meters the highest tea plantation in the world, no view stays the same for more than a quick minute. Topping off on the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the entire Munnar region is shrouded in cool mist that snakes in and out of mountain peaks, turning the vibrant green landscape into a blanket of undulating white as the sun peeks through. Electric green tea bushes are impeccably manicured like cells, growing up hills too steep for anyone but a tea picker to climb. Locals and visitors alike come to the Western Ghats to beat the heat of southern India, and for a tea that derives its flavor from the cool climes of this altitude. A sweet cup of Orange Pekoe with steaming hot milk in hand, we just parked ourselves cliff-side and watched the show of fog and light dance in all directions around us.



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