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+ Tetsuya Wakuda

Celebrated chef and avid angler Tetsuya Wakuda tells JENNIFER CHEN about the joys of boating in Sydney Harbour

Published on Nov 8, 2010

It’s very simple where my favorite place is Sydney Harbour. I love boats, and when you go out onto the harbor and look back at the city—the high-rise buildings, the parks—it’s an entirely different perspective that you gain. You realize how beautiful Sydney is.

There are so many places to discover from the harbor—small bays, islands, beaches that you can only reach by boat. Two of my favorites are Sugarloaf Bay and Quarantine Bay. But really, being on the water anywhere in the harbor is a joy. You can see dolphins swimming, and the water is so clean that you can pretty much swim anywhere.

I have a small boat, and I would love to be able to go out onto the water every weekend, though in reality, I make it out there once a month. But it’s easy for anyone to enjoy the harbor. It’s really accessible, calm and not rough at all. I love to fish—I caught a 12-kilo kingfish right before Christmas. Because there are no more commercial fisheries and the water is so clean, a lot of fish have been coming back. It’s really easy to catch something. You might not get a big fish all the time, but you’ll definitely catch something.

There is just something about being out in the harbor, and you’re fishing and then the sun comes up that is so astonishingly beautiful. Friends of mine who come from overseas, when they see this sight, it’s almost a shock. They can’t believe what they’re seeing. You don’t even need to hire a boat—take a ferry at sunrise or sunset, and you’ll see the most beautiful sight. It will leave you speechless.

The Pier
594 New South Head Road, Rose Bay
+ 61 2 9327 6561

Lyne Park, Rose Bay
+61 2 9371 0555


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