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Nick Rains / Savoli River / Papua New Guinea

It's harder to get more off the beaten track than the Savoli River in Papua New Guinea, as intrepid photographer Nick Rains discovers.

Published on Dec 7, 2017


Savoli River / Papua New Guinea.


If Papua New Guinea is already considered off the beaten track, then we're lost for a description of this remote corner of East New Britain. What is certain is that the Savoli River, on the lush and remote south side of the island, is home to some of the clearest blue water found anywhere in Asia, a vivid tributary that empties into Jacquinot Bay and that has to be seen to be believed. Here, going native is the only option. Access is by small boat that floats back in time above a rich riverbed of seaweed as it ventures deeper into the rainforest. A 1994 volcanic eruption is about the only thing to put this end of PNG on the world's radar. Coca and copra have been the traditional cash crops, though now tourism is working its way into the economy. Swimming in the river's azure waters is an unforgettable experience, and, if that isn't reward enough, wait until you encounter the genial locals who greet you along the way.



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