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Shinsuke Matsukawa / Central / Hong Kong

Even rainy season in Hong Kong has moments of startling beauty, like this one that photographer Shinsuke Matsukawa captured while avoiding a deluge.

Published on Oct 11, 2016

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Continual change is the norm in Hong Kong, yet one constant is the unpredictable weather. Rainy season in the southern Chinese city brings massive amounts of precipitation from June to the middle of September as well as off-the-chart humidity levels. During those wet, flood-prone months, black rainstorm signals warn of more than 70 millimeters of precipitation in an hour. But Hong Kong residents take it all in stride, turning to the great indoors, to the underground, and to the blessedly enclosed walkways like the one in Central that acted as photo booth for this shot. Even if the typhoon rating reaches a once-in-a-decade T10—which means gusts of up to 220 kilometers per hour—there’s a silver lining. Just follow the locals somewhere safe, such as a restaurant or bar that hasn’t managed to close in time. This month, happily, marks the beginning of a change, though. Cloudy days start to yield to the dry season, a great time of


year to explore Hong Kong’s great beaches, lush parks and, of course, captivating street life.


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