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Chiang Mai / Thailand

Getting drenched is the perfect way for revelers of all ages to cool off during the hottest month of the year. Photographed by Atid Kiattisaksiri

Published on Mar 29, 2016

This month sees the Thai new year celebration of Songkran between April 13 and 15. In the north of the country, firecrackers are set off to repel bad luck on the first day, while the locals prepare food to present to monks the next day. Making merit at a temple involves bathing an image of Buddha, which represents purification and the washing away of sins, but Thais also pour water on the hands of elders, asking for their blessing. A more raucous side of Songkran sees an all-out water festival where no one is immune from the splashing and, in a more modern vein, the water-pistol battles that erupt on closed streets. The festival has another good side to it: April is normally the hottest month of the year, so getting drenched is a welcome diversion.


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