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Street Eats


Southeast Asia’s meals on wheels and hole-in-the-wall restaurants are the sustenance of foodie legends. In this spread, Morgan takes viewers on an appetizing voyage through Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand, with a stopover for dessert in Mandalay.

Published on Jan 13, 2014

Hong Kong
During the Cheung Chau Bun festival, children dressed as folk heroes compete to climb a 10-meter-high mountain of these delicious, meat-free dumplings.


Communist rations-era dishes at Food Trade Shop Number 37 in the Vietnamese capital include thit luoc (boiled pork), rau bi xao toi (spinach sauteed with garlic) and dau phu ran (fried tofu).

Dip fresh veggies into nam prik long rua (Thai chili paste), or smear it on your rice. The selection here is for sale at Or Tor Kor market, near Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok.

A major pilgrimage site in central Burma, the golden Buddha in Mahamuni Temple is said to be one of five likenesses made in his lifetime. Trying to wrap your head around that calls for an ice cream!


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