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Mount Everest


The world’s highest mountain is also its most perilous peak. Only 3,000 climbers have summited the mother of all mountains. In these four shots, Alex frames its terrifying beauty.

Published on Sep 9, 2013

Mother Goddess of the Earth

May is the best month for attempts on Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth, a peak that has been reached by more than 3,000 climbers—the vast majority since 2000.

One Careful Step at a Time

One of the most treacherous sections en route to the summit comes early on: the Khumbu Ice Field, where climbers must traverse seracs, crevasses and constantly shifting blocks of ice.

Camping on High

Night falls over Everest Base Camp in Nepal, which is located at 5,380 meters and marks the starting point of the serious climbing at the bottom of the Khumbu Ice Field.

“Eastern People”

Indispensible when it comes to ferrying climbing gear and setting the route on Mount Everest are Nepal’s Sherpa mountain guides. Apa Sherpa, here, has reached the summit 21 times.


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