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Bohol, Philippines


One of the most photogenic islands in the archipelago, Bohol is renowned for its “Chocolate Hills” (so named because they turn brown in the dry season), the huge-eyed tarsier monkey (the world’s second-smallest primate), glorious beaches, and the sunken pleasures of diving among coral reefs replete with marine life aplenty.

Published on May 15, 2013

Meeting life head-on
Bounded as they are by natural beauty—the Mindanao Sea, white beaches, overhanging coral-stone cliffs and mangrove forests— it’s easy to see why Boholanos are known for their sense of freedom and adventure.

Rolling landscape

Legend has it that the famed Chocolate Hills of Bohol were formed not by cocoa, but by a giant, weeping over the death of his love. (The conical karsts near Carmen are, in fact, grass-covered limestone deposits.)

The littlest primate
The 10- to 13-cm tarsier comes out at night, and only lives on a few Southeast Asian islands. To spot one of these wee carnivores catching crickets, head to their sanctuary in Corella.

Angling for mischief
In much of the island, laid-back life centers around fishing—from the big-game charters offering the chance to catch marlin and tuna, to the common sight of kids frolicking on the docks, like this happy trio in Loon.


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