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Macau, China


Published on Aug 14, 2012

“I was on Macau for just a single day in 2009, and took this at a junction in front of the Grand Lisboa casino. I like the fact that underneath the vivid colors there’s a suggestion of a driver. He’s transient, just passing through the scene. I was transient myself in Macau. We moved from neighborhoods where we ate sticky-sweet meets and unfamiliar drinks to places where the buildings suddenly increased in size, and the spaces between them actually seemed more desolate during the day. At night it comes alive, but I couldn’t tell whether new Macau was vibrant or underpopulated, growing or subsiding, because I hadn’t been there to witness it over a longer period of time. The shot was tricky because it was raining and I was walking out into the road, dodging traffic and studying the cars cueing at the junction to see which ones reflected the scene best. Drivers in Macau didn’t seem accustomed to a tall, long-haired guy standing a foot from their cars with a camera, squatting up and down in a maniacal fashion. I was peering at reflections, but they thought I was peering at them. I got some strange looks.”


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