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Your Window to Japan

[SPONSORED CONTENT] Before you head to Japan, check out NHK WORLD TV—an all-English channel broadcast from Japan—for an insider’s guide to Japanese culture, food, and the country’s latest happenings, all available at your fingertips.

Published on Mar 31, 2017


NHK WORLD TV’s many creative travel programs feature tips to help you experience Japan like an expert. Programs include Tokyo Eye 2020, which focuses on Tokyo’s transformation as it prepares for the 2020 Summer Olympic games; Core Kyoto, a deep dive into the ancient capital of Kyoto; and Journeys in Japan, an insider’s guide to Japan’s many treasures, including traditional festivals and the best hiking spots throughout the country.


Learn about the history of favorite Japanese dishes, along with etiquette and recipes, on the NHK WORLD Japanese Food website. Discover the art of eating sushi like a native (tip: eat it upside down so the fish comes into contact with the tongue first)—and learn how sake is considered sacred in the Shinto religion (a spiced version known as o-toso is drunk at New Year’s to ward off illnesses).


Tune in to NHK WORLD TV for the latest news from Japan, Asia, and the world. The unique and diverse blend of programming includes NHK Newsline, which delivers live hourly news, business, and weather updates, and Newsroom Tokyo, which explains the day’s developments in depth. Other programs explore Japanese society, politics, and scientific advancements.


NHK WORLD TV is an Asia-centered 24/7 international English-language channel produced by Japan’s public service broadcaster NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). The network reaches approximately 290 million households in about 150 countries and regions via local satellite, cable TV, and IPTV.

Live-streaming and VOD (video on-demand) services on the website and a free mobile app give viewers access anywhere and anytime. You can also connect through Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.



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