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There’s More to the Maldives Than Just Pictureque Beaches

[SPONSORED CONTENT] CROSSROADS Maldives wants travelers to connect with the rich history of these multicultural islands.

Published on Dec 13, 2019


Say the magic word "Maldives" and most travelers' eyes mist over with visions of sugar-sand beaches and lavish overwater villas. This island nation has long been a favored destination for travelers seeking secluded luxury and unparalleled romance. Yet while the Maldives certainly offers these things, there's much more to discover here.


CROSSROADS Maldives, an extraordinary nine-island project located near Malé City, aims to showcase another side of the archipelago. This revolutionary concept aims to promote sustainable growth while protecting the fragile ecosystems that make this place unlike any other on Earth.


Every element of CROSSROADS Maldives is inspired by the unique culture and identity of these islands. Maldivian history extends back more than 4,000 years. During these millennia, civilizations have risen and fallen in this crossroads of the world. Traders, merchants, explorers and settlers have traversed the vast ocean to intersect at this crucial junction. Crafted from tales of the past and designed to inspire a bold new future, CROSSROADS Maldives is a fundamental part of the next chapter in the evolving story of one of the world's most remarkable places.



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