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All The Colors of Macao

The exciting first-ever Art Macao Festival features world-renowned artists and exhibitions that span everything from Renaissance drawings to interactive art installations.

Published on Jul 24, 2019

The mega event “Art Macao,” now being held across 55 different locations, includes a whopping 41 large-scale events. The event of unprecedented scale aims to break spatial limitations, with the objective of introducing a new brand of cultural tourism of Macao.

The main exhibition of its core event "Art Macao: International Art Exhibition" takes place at the Macao Museum of Art, covering works contributed by the six participating integrated resorts and hotels.

Opening the inaugural Art Macao, Dr. Alexis Tam, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, shares, “[Art Macao] brings together masterpieces by modern and contemporary artists from Macao, Mainland China and an array of countries. This citywide urban festivity with ongoing programs for half a year, May through October, will bring an immersive cultural atmosphere with the entire city as an art gallery and as an art garden.”

The series of events features whimsical and innovative large-scale outdoor installations, concerts by the Macao Orchestra and the Macao Chinese Orchestra, world-renowed dance performances in addition to a collection of renowned contemporary art pieces. The half-year event coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 20th anniversary of Macao as a Special Administrative Region.

Explore the so-called art garden through several unique outdoor exhibitions, such as: Happy Heads by Belgium duo Benoit + Bo, Sanctuary by Macao local artist João Ó & Rita Machado, Contemplation of Loving Kindness by Hong Kong artist Mok Yat San, and The Wanderer by Macao’s own Wong Ka Long.

Caroline Cheng, a celebrated Hong Kong ceramics artist has curated more than 90 masterpieces from across the world, including her own pieces, for the exhibition at Sands and Macao Museum of Art, themed “All That’s Gold Does Glitter - An Exhibition of Glamorous Ceramics”.

“Unexpected Encounters” at City of Dreams showcases the integrated resort’s impressive contemporary art collection. Amongst the larger-thanlife installations, one cannot miss the powerful Good Intentions by KAWS.

At MGM Cotai, Hua Yuan: A Metamorphosis: No End to End, by Jennifer Wen Ma celebrates the traditional Chinese art form of ink painting, creating a large-scale subliminal art installation using natural, sculptural and virtual textures. Meanwhile, Yang Yonglian’s Journey to the Dark II uses technology and videography to create a digital landscape painting, a nod to traditional Chinese ink painting.

“Wynn - Garden of Earthly Delights” at Wynn Palace is inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s Renaissance masterpiece of the same title. The collective works bridge technology and art to illustrate the beauty and rich cultural diversity of life—demonstrated by Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi’s ethereal wire mesh classical architecture and Turkish artist Refik Anadol’s mesmerizing “Melting Memories” series based on recorded data.

Take a deep dive into the life of Princess Grace Kelly at Galaxy Integrated Resort with “GRACE KELLY: From Hollywood to Monaco - Artists’ Tributes” taking in Andy Warhol’s pop-art portrait, her designer jewelry, and her custom-made 1.7-meter tall Kelly Hermes bag.

French sculptor Gabrielle Wambaugh's "Interspace" exhibit, at the Riviera Hotel Macau, showcases the daring tendencies of exploration of space and art in the new era. 

Throughout the festival, you’ll also be treated to music and dance with performances by the Macao Orchestra, the Macao Chinese Orchestra, and contemporary dance troupes. Shows not to miss include the dramatic and fantastical “Under Siege” by Yang Liping Contemporary Dance, a new, visually breathtaking masterpiece based on “Farewell My Concubine,” performed by dancers from diverse traditions, and created in collaboration with Academy Award–winning set and costume designer Tim Yip.

Art Macao is an initiative that continues to put Macao on the world map as a center of leisure and tourism, and it’s in addition to the unesco creative city of gastronomy status—bringing more color and creativity to the community.


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