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Why These Islands in the Philippines Belong at the Top of Your Bucket List

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Published on Jun 12, 2019

Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint

Located in the northernmost tip of the Philippines, the Batanes islands have managed to miraculously stay under the radar of many tourists for all these years. Slowly but surely, however, the word is starting to creep out. Travelers are returning with tales of verdant landscapes, azure waters crashing against magnificent cliffs, and a rich, warmly hospitable local culture. With such a wealth of natural splendor, these isles are unlikely to stay a secret for long. 

Contrary to popular belief that the Batanese are constantly battered by typhoons, the archipelago enjoys cool, mild weather and plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Only three of the 10 islands are inhabited by native Ivetan people. 

Tayid Lighthouse of Mahatao

Batanes is also rich in historic sites and many of the centuries-old stone houses built by the Ivatans are still inhabited today. In the island of Sabtang, the local village of Chavayan offers visiting tourists homestays in some of the stone houses. One cannot complete a trip to Batanes without trying their local delicacies. Ivatan cuisine is both varied and supremely delicious. 

Batanes is a perfect location to disengage from the city life and unwind. Commune with nature and enjoy the simple Ivatan life and the beauty that is uniquely Batanes.



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