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Wellness Trends to Check Out for 2018

Programs like GuavaPass push us to try new things, and gadgets and apps can keep track of our every move. Yet, at the same time there's a mainstream embrace of ancient Asian remedies. With wellness sprawling in so many directions these days, we've rounded up a few of our favorite fitness crazes. By VERONICA INVEEN.

Published on Feb 23, 2018


Breathe Easy Breathe Easy

Southeast Asia's big cities aren't exactly renowned for their clean air. Fight smog with Netatmo's Healthy Home Coach (, which detects the indoor air quality level, humidity and temperature, then alerts you when something needs to be fixed.
Peter Pan Life

Want to feel like a kid again? Just let Tinkerbell lead the way. Clip into a harness and climb walls, flip upside down, and glide to music while hanging from a bungee cord at this bouncy, anti-gravity workout class. Bangkok's Stories to Tales Theatre ( and Hong Kong's 4D Pro Bungee Fitness ( are among the first studios in the world to offer classes.
Peter Pan Life
Golden Lattes Golden Lattes

Turmeric has made the leap from curries to lattes: Ayurveda-devotees swear by a blend of milk, espresso, cinnamon, honey, black pepper and juiced turmeric—whose anti-inflammatory properties are said to help with everything from warding off a cough to promoting good skin to preventing cancer.
Straighten Up

Slouching is not only bad for your spine (and your Instagram gallery), it can also negatively affect your mood and energy level. Upright Go ( adheres to your upper back and when you dare to slouch, it vibrates to remind you to straighten up. The compatible app will track your progress and coach you through a training program so you can eventually lose the crutch and maintain model posture at all times.
Straigthen Up
Bone Broth Bone Broth

Nutrient-dense bone broth is said to not only improve the digestive system and quell inflammation, but also strengthen joints and boost brain health with its collagen. Trendy health shops keep the liquid on stock, but the miracle soup is also easy enough to make at home with leftover roast chicken bones, herbs and water.
Water Workouts

It's about time that water workouts caught on. Take Aquaspin ( in Singapore: it's your average spin class but held inside a pool. Peddling against the water adds intensity to the workout but is also good for your joints. Or test your balancing skills by trying to downward dog while floating on a paddleboard at SUP Yoga Bali ( It might be the only time you don't mind taking a tumble in exercise class.
Water Workouts


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Golden Lattes
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