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A Stirring Melting Pot

Where old-world cobblestone streets lead to modern glitz, and back again

Published on Nov 14, 2017

Our whirlwind weekend in Macao was a trip to the past and future, both gastronomically and culturally. Charming colonial buildings and UNESCO monuments, like the ruins of St Paul’s and churches built in the 17th century, juxtapose against futuristic buildings that are home to world-class performances and round-the-clock gaming.

As they say, food can tell you all about a country’s culture, and tasting Macao was a journey from Europe to China, from Port ug uese signature dishes of chorizo, seafood and meat, to rustic Macanese establishments and street-side noodle shops, to Michelin-starred haute Cantonese cuisine and French meals.

Home-style Macanese food is an intoxicating mix of Portuguese and Chinese flavors, including exotic spices that made their way to the region through the trade routes and intercultural marriages. The evocative dishes were unlike anything we’ve tried elsewhere on our travels. What a phenomenal trip it was discovering quaint old Macao and its new, dazzling wonderland. I can’t wait to get back for more local culture... and to eat so much more!

Panoramic views from Macau Tower

Ruins of St. Paul's, a UNESCO heritage site 

Strolling along Senado Square taking in the architectural styles of colonial buildings

Abalone, pristinely plated Cantonese food

Tastes of Portugal

Delicious egg tarts: buttery crusts with caramelised egg custard. you can't eat just one!

Barbecue meats street snacks

Breathtaking views by night on the Cotai Strip

Churches and cathedrals right in the heart of Macao Peninsula

Pilgrimage to UNESCO site Ah Ma temple, one of the oldest temples in Macao, built in 1488

Impeccable five-star hotel service



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