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Capture Vivid Vacation Shots with Canon

[SPONSORED CONTENT] Travel with a Canon EOS M6 to shoot like a professional, but look like a local.

Published on Sep 25, 2017

How to reconcile the constantly competing desires to take great vacation photos but to do so as simply and subtly as possible? The Canon EOS M6 with a flip touch screen LCD, interchangable lenses and 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor had travel photographer Lester Ledesma blending in all over Italy—and returning home to Singapore with an SD card full of beauty shots.

Construction on Il Duomo di Firenze began in 1296 and took 140 years. To blur the pedestrians, I mounted the EOS M6 on a tripod and used a slow shutter speed. 
F4, 1SEC, 11MM, ISO 100

To capture unusual angles, “you literally just flip the screen, move your hand high or low to capture the right framing, and compose the scene as you wish,” he says. “It’s a great way to take photos unobtrusively; I just shoot from the waist with the screen angled accordingly. This makes me look like I’m fiddling with the controls instead of taking pictures.” On this trip, he used an 11-22mm superwide lens, a 55-200mm medium telephoto lens, and a 15-45mm lens of which “the 15mm end was wide enough to shoot those grand Italian interiors and the 45mm end let me quickly switch to human subjects at the turn of a zoom ring.”

The camera challenged many rules-of-thumb learned from a lifetime of DSLRs. “I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of images I got after dark even at ISO settings well above 1000,” he says. “The Dual-Pixel CMOS AF locked on to my subjects at almost DSLR-like speed. It was also accurate—spot-on even in low-light.”

We call that a photographic renaissance.

Naples is t he home of pizza, with fresh cheese and a crunchy-chewy crust. It is impossible not to photograph food in Italy!
F5. 6, 1I40, 22 MM, ISO 6400

Locals in the medieval town of Lucca out for the customary passagieta, the practice of strolling, which presents a great time to make friends. 
F4, 1I100, 15MM, ISO 100

Tuscany has some of Italy's dreamiest landscapes. It w as hard to drive and look at the same time, so I found myself stopping very often.
F4.5, 1I500, 200MM, ISO 125

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