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Indonesia’s Top Street Artist Decorates Bali’s Hottest Beach Club for a Good Cause

Eko Nugroho has created a ten-meter “Bouquet of Love” out of local plastic waste in a new collaboration with Potato Head Beach Club to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Published on Aug 15, 2017

You may know Eko Nugroho from his colorful collaborations with Louis Vuitton or IKEA, but a new union with Indonesian lifestyle hospitality group Potato Head is returning the famed street artist’s gaze back home. The Potato Head group, responsible for some of the region’s coolest hangouts (including Bali’s Katamama hotel), has commissioned Nugroho to create Bouquet of Love, a 10-by-seven-meter art installation made from 300 kilograms of local plastic waste. The piece will be displayed at Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak, juxtaposed by views of the Indian Ocean, where much of the waste had washed ashore from. 

Nugroho scavenged for a range of discarded items—soda bottles, plastic bottles, electronics—around the island to build the installation that hopes to put a spotlight on the need for waste management and conservation. “I was deeply drawn to this project because environmental damage and pollution will have an effect on every aspect of life, not just art,” says Nugroho, who is known for connecting his work to greater socio-political issues, especially those of his home country. “My love for Indonesia inspired me to create Bouquet of Love. Indonesia is a rich, magnificent tropical country, which is also experiencing dynamic growth and development.” 

Bouquet of Love can be seen on the roof of Escalier boutique at Potato Head Beach Club for a limited period of time, so pop by soon to take in the trash.


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