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Holiday Heroes

[SPONSORED CONTENT] Meet the personal champions going beyond the ordinary call of duty, for you.

Published on Jun 12, 2017

Holiday Heros

Often, it's the little extras that can change an everyday exchange into a meaningful encounter and no one knows that better than Dean Song, Guest Relations Officer at Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel. It was 3:30 a.m. and all was tranquil until Dean got a call from a distressed guest, whose infant daughter was running a high fever. Instinctively, Dean arranged a car to the nearest hospital, but, on seeing his guest frantic with worry about her child and nervous about handling the situation in an unfamiliar country where she did not speak the language, he stepped his assistance up a gear and gallantly accompanied them to the Emergency Room. Here he stayed, communicating adeptly with staff and remaining faithfully at the child's bedside throughout her treatment until both mom and baby could be returned safely to their suite.

Dean Song
Dean Song, Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel.

Transforming someone's entire experience by going just a step further like this is the inspiration for the new campaign, "Go Beyond", which celebrates Sheraton associates' dedication to ensuring guests' safety and comfort, whatever it takes.

The instinct to Go Beyond kicked in for associate Shailesh Sunder of the Sheraton Grand Pune Bund Garden Hotel, when he recognized three distinguished hotel guests stranded in the middle of the highway, having suffered a flat tyre. Shailesh wasted no time in introducing himself, whisking the guests to safety and ensuring their rental car was repaired too. Thanks to his efforts, crisis was averted and the relieved guests made it to their onward flight without any further hitches. The commitment to Go Beyond is what motivated Joe Huang and the Guest Services team at Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central to play superheroes for a guest who'd lost his wallet, dauntlessly searching through CCTV footage to track down the man's taxi, and finding the company to return his irreplaceable belonging, safe and sound.

The pledge to Go Beyond comes as Sheraton celebrates 80 years, and serves as a recommitment to going over and above the call of duty for the next 80 — and beyond.




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