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Bangkok's Luxe River Cruise

Bangkok's Supanniga Eating Room has launched a dinner cruise on the Chao Praya River, bringing rare flavor and subtle charm to these well-plied waters. By MERRITT GURLEY.

Published on Mar 27, 2017


IN THEORY, A DINNER cruise on the Chao Praya carries plenty of appeal—sipping and supping on a grand ship as it plies Bangkok's River of Kings, passing the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Kalayanamit, Wat Prayoon and all the other bankfront splendors of Old Town. Yet the reality—a giant boat, packed with 200 people, bathed in dizzying strobe lights, pop music blaring—can be daunting. In December 2016, Supanniga Eating Room launched its cure for the common cruise, serving up their Isan-style Thai cuisine, Tattinger champagne and signature cocktails by Vesper, a hip cocktail bar in Silom, on an intimate 40-seater boat.

Supanniga Eating Room
Dinner with a view on the Supanniga Cruise. Patiya Pullket.

Thedouble-deck 18-meter-long monohull is decorated in cheerful yellows and oranges, with plush couches, padded benches, wooden tables and comfy rattan chairs. The bottom deck has just four tables spaced far enough apart that conversation can't carry, while the upperdeck has modular seating well-suited for groups. "We wanted to create an experience that was more elegant, cozier and friendlier than other river options," says Thanaruek Laoraowirodge, owner of Supanniga Eating Room.

From the tom yum jumbo-prawn soup and sharing plates of crab curry and stewed pork, to the mango and sticky rice and Thai petits four, the ship's chef is sticking to the same high standards of Supanniga Eating Room's two on-land locations (one in Thonglor and one in Sathorn). The appetizers—minced pork served on a fresh orange slice; spicy chicken salad in a crispy cup; pomelo salad with grilled prawn; fried mackerel wrapped in Chaplu leaves—seem to balance every texture known to man.

Each course follows in a perfectly paced progression, lubricated by the potent cocktails courtesy of Vesper, like the Wanted on Voyage, swimming in rye whiskey, zesty with rambutan- and basil-infused cider. Order a few of those, and the two hours and 15 minutes will pass by in easy choreography, as if following the rhythms of the river. All you have to do is relax and go with the flow.; sunset dinner cruise Bt3,250 per person with a six-course tasting menu and a welcome glass of Taittinger champagne.



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Dinner with a view on the Supanniga Cruise. Patiya Pullket.
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