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A Phuket Designer's Stellar Style

May 16, 2014

Paola Navone, the renowned Milanese architect and designer who pioneered shabby chic, had a hand in the new Point Yamu by COMO in Phuket. Here, she shares snippets of her creative process with Melanie Lee.

Published on May 15, 2014


Shades of blue

Look for oceanic accents of blue or aquamarine at Point Yamu. "I'm a fish, so the sea is very important to me," says the Pisces-signed designer. "It's an essential element of life."

Point Yamu


From frame to wall

A local craftsman in Chiang Mai, who made photo frames using recycled wood blocks, was tapped to help with the hotel design. "I told him it was very nice, and asked if he could make a bigger one," Navone says. He was astounded by the two 70-square-meter pixel walls he had to fill up at Point Yamu's lobby.

Point Yamu


Siamese sway

When Navone began this project, she envisioned a luxury resort that was contemporary, and yet still immersed in what she calls "Thai reality." Stone elephants support the swimming pool umbrellas, while orange pillars nod to the saffron of monks' robes.

Point Yamu


Mix and match

A medley of design influences converge harmoniously in the resort's private dining room: a wooden Buddha hand as a door handle, to reflect Thai culture; scratched mirror tiles that remind her of old European castles; and a lower wall padded with white linen for quiet dining. "My brain is like a garbage bin. Everywhere I go, I take something from that place and this is how ideas come to me very fast."

Point Yamu


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Point Yamu by COMO Phuket Thailand
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