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Bangkok Corrections Museum

The Bangkok Remand Prison (or Special Prison as the name says in Thai), was the first prison built in Thailand based on international standards. It was built by command of King Rama V in 1892 after a visit to a prison in Singapore.
436 Mahachai Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

The Overview

Located on the site of a former maximum security prison stands this intriguing if gruesome museum dedicated to the history of corrections in Thailand. Some of the old prison’s cellblocks still remain and are open to tours, but the museum’s most interesting attraction is upstairs. There, you’ll find life-sized models of the various punishments meted out to prisoners from the 17th century right through to the early 20th century. Alongside the wax models of convicts of yore being subjected to cruel and unusual punishments are photographs of actual executions, the skeletal remains of a prisoner and the instruments of torture, including the machetes used to behead the condemned. One item that always attracts attention and disgust is a huge rattan ball, whose cavity is generously laced with spikes. The ball was used in one of the most brutal practices in old Siam’s penal system: a prisoner would be stuffed inside and then rolled out onto a field where elephants would kick the ball around.
If the museum’s gory displays prove too much, you can seek refuge outside, where the grounds have been transformed into an idyllic public park.

436 Mahachai Rd.,
Bangkok, Thailand

+66 2226 1704

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.



Published on Aug 28, 2009

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