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Erawan Museum

This three-headed elephant, Giravata, was born of Mr Prapai Viryapant's idea and imagination. It was inspired by his wish to preserve is collection of antiques as a contribution to Thai culture heritage.
99/9 Moo 1, Samut Prakan, Thailand

The Overview

When wealthy businessman Prapai Viryapant decided to share his extensive collection of religious Southeast Asian art with the public, he wanted to house it in a building that befitted sacred objects. His solution was to construct the largest elephant structure in the world—in homage to the Hindu elephant god Airavata (known as Erawan in Thailand, where many people practice a form of Buddhism that freely borrows from Hinduism).
Prapai died before the project was completed. But his legacy, a 44-meter tall, three-headed brass elephant on a round, pink pedestal, is definitely worth a trip to an otherwise unremarkable suburb on the southern outskirts of Bangkok. If viewing the massive, five-story structure isn’t enough, you can actually climb into the belly of the beast, where you’ll find ancient Buddhas as well as Buddhist relics. In addition to the vast array of religious artifacts, the museum also boasts fantastical frescos and stunning stained glass. Littered throughout the museum are ornate sculptures of mythical Thai figures that were especially commissioned for the Erawan.

Opening Hours: Daily, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M

99/9 Moo 1, Samut Prakan,

+66 2371 3135



Published on Aug 28, 2009

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