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Shop at the World's Biggest Bazaar

An orgy of conspicuous consumption every weekend

The Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is a world unto itself. Covering the area of a village, but with the transient population of a small city, "JJ" (as Thais call it for it's pronounced "Jatujak") offers everything from second-hand clothes to first-class artworks, and old-fashioned hill-tribe regalia to new-school furniture, besides a laundry list of other items, like exotic pets for the politically suspect, PVC handbags decorated with dried flowers, household decorations, and Vietnam War-era memorabilia.     

Navigating this sweltering maze of 15,000 vendors can overload and short-circuit both your senses and patience. For a personal compass, the handiest tool is the Nancy Chandler Map of Bangkok with a large section on the world's most gigantic weekend market. At the head offices near the back of the market, free maps are available. They are okay to get your bearings but don't provide a lot of information about which goods are where.

Better still are the billboards located around the market, mapping out the many lanes and signposting the sections. Using the huge clock tower in the middle of Chatuchak as a signpost also helps to stave off disorientation.  

The majority of the market is dedicated to clothes and footwear. The stalls for new clothes are found in Section 10 and the even-numbered sections that follow it all the way up to 20. Whether it's knock-off designer jeans or the latest trainers, affordable T-shirts to tropical-hued beachwear, this area is well suited to all your clothing needs.


Published on Sep 7, 2009

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