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Langham Place

Langham Place captures the vibrancy and buzz of local culture like no other. And presents it in a way that’s invigorating, engaging and fun.
555 Shanghai St., Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

The Overview

When Langham Place decorated its lobby with two bronze guards - featureless save for their gaping mouths - from sculptor Jiang Shuo's celebrated Red Guards series, it created quite a stir. Not only are the sculptures, titled "Going Forward! Making Money!," a critique of the destructive herd mentality of China's Cultural Revolution, they are also a jab at the country's modern-day embrace of capitalism. One guard clutches a banner emblazoned with slogans from Chairman Mao, while the other brandishes a mobile phone.

Almost every corner of this 15-story boutique hotel is filled with works from its collection of around 1,700 pieces of contemporary Chinese art. Suites feature the paintings of Hu Yongkai, famous for his portraits of elegant Chinese ladies in traditional settings. In the hotel's spa hang paintings of chrysanthemums by Alan Lau Wai-Lun (the flowers are traditional symbols of longevity and immortality - appropriate for a spa). Above the hotel lobby's bar is an oil painting of a voluptuous female from Pei Jing. Working with local art consultant Angela Li, the hotel's owner Dr. Lo Ka-Shui has proven that he has financial savvy as well as good taste; since the hotel opened in 2005, some of the pieces from his collection have more than quadrupled.

Tel: +852 3552 3388




Published on Aug 20, 2009

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