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Najia Xiaoguan

Hidden amid a crowd of high-rises, the cozy two-story Najia Xiaoguan rolls out consistently excellent Manchurian fare.
10 Yanganli, Jianguomen Wai Dajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

The Overview

Updated on September 9, 2014

Hidden amid a crowd of high-rises, this cozy two-story brick eatery with
wood-paneled walls offers a welcome respite from Beijing's characterless
CBD. Co-owned by a 30-something Manchurian who goes by the name of Zhou—his passion is preserving the cuisine of his ethnic group, which conquered China during the Qing Dynasty—Najia Xiaoguan rolls out consistently excellent fare that reflects the semi-nomadic tastes of Manchurians, including exotic dishes such as braised ox with turtle and seahorses, and soup with venison, shark's fin and abalone. Don't miss the hongzhao zhurou (date-simmered pork) and zha xia (fried prawns in crispy shells), and be sure to order a traditional juice, like sour plum soup, suan mei zhi, to go with your meal.

Tel: +86 10 6567 3663


Published on Dec 15, 2011

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