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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an exciting city, where people enjoy life to the max. Hong Kong offers top-flight hotels, divine dining, sexy bars and ultimate shopping...


This kingdom of enchantments remains Southeast Asia’s premier destination for vacation takers.


Modern, super-efficient with first-class hotels, world-class cultural events, dozens of nightclubs, ultimate shopping. It’s a local pastime and superb food...


Malaysia has history, culture, adventure, nature and relaxation—without the loud and crowded hustle and bustle of an overdeveloped nation. It’s dominantly Muslim, but with a rich ethnic mix of Chinese and Indians...


Already a rising star on the Southeast Asian tourism circuit, Vietnam’s charming colonial-era cities, lush green countryside combined with its fabulous beaches provide excellent attractions for one and all...


The world’s largest archipelago offers a mind-boggling range of natural attractions including sun-kissed beaches, majestic volcanic lakes, vast rolling plains, and striking mountain ranges...


With stunning temples, charming French colonial architecture and growing urban affluence, Cambodia is drawing throngs of tourists and visitors...


Macau is arguably Asia’s very own version of Las Vegas, with its glamorous casinos, gargantuan hotels, top-scale restaurants and glitzy bars...


Above the sea landscapes range from sweeping rice plains to jungled peaks, and from rice-terraced cliffs to placid lagoons. And the warm, friendly people seal the deal for a rewarding trip...


Here, one can savor the royal charm of Luang Prabang, marvel at the beautiful French boulevards of Vientiane and take a relaxed cruise down the gorgeous Mekong while watching the evening sunset...


Burma is a breathtaking country—golden temples, snow-capped mountains, emerald green rice fields, white sand beaches and, in Rangoon, the largest city, incredible architecture frozen in time...


Rich in natural resources and biodiversity, Brunei attracts nature-lovers and other adventurous tourists who are keen on experiencing natural hideouts off the beaten path...


A vast country that spans an immense 9.6 million square kilometers, and that is home to an astounding1.3 billion people and backed by a storied 5,000-year-old history, China is as diverse, exotic and complex as one could imagine...


Probably one of the most under-rated Asian destinations, Taiwan is largely little known to travelers outside the Asia–Pacific region. Formerly known as IIha Formosa, or Beautiful Island...

South Korea

Dynamic, dazzling and progressive are some of the words commonly used to describe South Korea, an East Asian nation that has made major economic, political and technological strides in recent decades.


Known as ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, Japan is a country marked by spectacular natural beauty, gracious hospitality and rich artistic heritage.

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